WURS-25 [Wender Utah Rating Scale - 25 Item]

The WURS-25 is designed to retrospectively assess childhood symptoms of ADHD, and is used when more objective documentation is not readily available.

Created by Drs. Mark F. Ward, Paul H. Wender, and Fred W. Reimherr. The scale has been published by the authors and widely distributed.

More: doi:10.1176/ajp.150.6.885

Not at all or very slightly
Quite a bit
Very much
As a child I was (or had):
1. concentration problems, easily distracted
2. anxious, worrying
3. nervous, fidgety
4. inattentive, daydreaming
5. hot- or short-tempered, low boiling point
6. temper outbursts, tantrums
7. trouble with stick-to-it-tiveness, not following through, failing to finish things started
8. stubborn, strong-willed
9. sad or blue, depressed, unhappy
10. disobedient with parents, rebellious, sassy
11. low opinion of myself
12. irritable
13. moody, ups and downs
14. angry
15. acting without thinking, impulsive
16. tendency to be immature
17. guilty feelings, regretful
18. losing control of myself
19. tendency to be or act irrational
20. unpopular with other children, didn't keep friends for long, didn't get along with other children
21. trouble seeing things from someone else's point of view
22. trouble with authorities, trouble with school, visits to principal's office
As a child in school I was (or had):Not at all or very slightlyMildlyModeratelyQuite a bitVery much
23. overall a poor student, slow learner
24. trouble with mathematics or numbers
25. not achieving up to potential


Self-report scales are for screening purposes only, and must be interpreted by a qualified health professional in conjunction with clinical assessment. They cannot be used alone for diagnostic or treatment purposes.