BPQ [Borderline Personality Questionnaire]

The BPQ is an 80-item, true/false self-report that assesses borderline personality traits. It can be used for screening or monitoring purposes.

Created by Dr. Amir R. Poreh and colleagues. The scale has been published by the authors and widely distributed.

More: doi:10.1521/pedi.2006.20.3.247

For each of the statements below, does it best describe your usual self (for the past two years or longer)? Answer true or false for each. There are no right or wrong answers and there are no trick questions. Please respond as honestly as you can, but don't ponder too long over each item.

1. I often do things without thinking them through.
2. I often become depressed or anxious 'out of the blue'.
3. People often leave me.
4. I am rarely disappointed by my friends.
5. I feel inferior to other people.
6. I have threatened to hurt myself in the past.
7. I do not believe that I have the skills to do anything with my life.
8. I rarely get angry at other people.
9. Sometimes I feel like I am not real.
10. I will not have sex with someone unless I have known them for quite some time.
11. I sometimes feel anxious or irritable and become sad a few hours later.
12. When people close to me die or leave me, I feel abandoned.
13. I often exaggerate the potential of friendships only to find out later that they will not work out.
14. If I were more like other people I would feel better about myself.
15. I have deliberately tried to hurt myself without trying to kill myself.
16. In general, my life is pretty boring.
17. I frequently get into physical fights.
18. People are sometimes out to get me.
19. My friends have told me that my mood changes very quickly.
20. I am afraid to spend time alone.
21. People who seem trustworthy often disappoint me.
22. I have made a suicide attempt in the past.
23. I often feel like I have nothing to offer others.
24. I have trouble controlling my temper.
25. I can read other people's minds.
26. I have tried 'hard' street drugs (e.g. cocaine, heroin).
27. My mood frequently alternates throughout the day between happiness, anger, anxiety and depression.
28. When my friends leave, I am confident I will see them again.
29. My friends often disappoint me.
30. I have cut myself on purpose.
31. I often feel lonely and deserted.
32. I have no difficulty controlling my temper.
33. I sometimes see or hear things that others cannot see or hear.
34. It is not unusual for me to have sex on the first date.
35. I sometimes feel very sad but this feeling can change quickly.
36. People often let me down.
37. I wish I could be more like some of my friends.
38. I used to try to hurt myself to get attention.
39. I am often different with different people in different situations so that sometimes I am not sure who I am.
40. I easily become irritated by others.
41. Sometimes I can actually hear what other people are thinking.
42. I get high on drugs whenever I feel like it.
43. I rarely feel sad or anxious.
44. No one loves me.
45. When I trust people, they rarely disappoint me.
46. I feel that people would not like me if they really knew me well.
47. I get angry easily.
48. It is impossible to read others' minds.
49. I sometimes feel very happy but this feeling can change quickly.
50. I find it difficult to depend on others because they will not be there when I need them.
51. The relationships with people I care about have lots of ups and downs.
52. I feel comfortable acting like myself.
53. I have never made an attempt to hurt myself.
54. I rarely feel lonely.
55. I often find that the littlest things make me angry.
56. Sometimes I can't tell between what is real and what I have imagined.
57. When I drink, I drink too much.
58. I consider myself to be a moody person.
59. I have difficulty developing close relationships because people often abandon me.
60. My friends are always there when I need them.
61. I wish I were someone else.
62. I feel like my life is not interesting.
63. When I am angry, I sometimes hit objects and break them.
64. I often receive speeding tickets.
65. I often feel like I am on an emotional 'roller coaster'.
66. I feel like my family has deserted me.
67. I am very comfortable with who I am.
68. I often do things impulsively.
69. My life is without purpose.
70. I am not sure what I want to do in the future.
71. At times I eat so much that I am in pain or have to force myself to throw up.
72. People tell me that I am a moody person.
73. The people I love often leave me.
74. In social situations, I often feel that others will see through me and realise that I don’t have much to offer.
75. I have been in the hospital for trying to harm myself.
76. I often feel empty inside.
77. Others often make me angry.
78. I often become frantic when I think that someone I care about will leave me.
79. I am confused about my long-term goals.
80. Others say I'm quick tempered.


Self-report scales are for screening purposes only, and must be interpreted by a qualified health professional in conjunction with clinical assessment. They cannot be used alone for diagnostic or treatment purposes.